How is your Website Performing?

Posted by James McCormack on

I've seen many websites over the years, some really great sites and some not so good websites! There's been static websites, content management system websites and eCommerce websites and the same thing is true for all of them, without marketing support, the websites did not perform well!

A lot of companies over the years simply let me build them a website and then refused any other marketing support as they did not want to spend any more money on the site. No matter how much I asked them to reconsider for their own good, they always said lets see how the new website performs.

Unsurprisingly after 1 to 2 months into the new website launch, there wasn't many online enquiries happening for their business and they were left feeling like a website was a necessary requirement to keep up with other competitors, however it dosn't really contribute to their business.

 If these companies were to allow supporting marketing activities from the start of the website launch then I would guarantee that website enquiries would have happened! So what marketing activities would have helped these website?

Search Engine Submission and Search Engine Optimisation would have helped, which would mean the website would be found on Google, Yahoo etc. under relevant keyword search terms.