Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Posted by James McCormack on

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

With more and more people buying iPads, Tablets, mobile phones and mobile broadband it's no surprise that people are checking their email and websites out on their mobile devices!

Unfortunately not many companies are considering that their websites should be designed and developed with this in mind? The original company website may have been developed previously to suit desktop and laptop computers before mobile devices were common.

Not many people take the time to view how their website may look on a mobile device and realise that their website may not function well on a phone or iPad leaving users disappointed and looking elsewhere.

At Web-Help we can produce an effective SEO friendly website which looks great on desktops and laptops, however also produce another version of the website which is mobile friendly. Our intellegent programming actually detects what device a person is viewing our websites on and automatically serves the desktop or mobile version accordingly.

If you would like your website to become mobile ready then please get in touch