Websites & Marketing

Website Design
We work closely with our clients to produce professionally designed, effective Websites and in most cases, beyond our customer's expectations!

We can design Websites respecting existing company brand guidlines or we can design logos and brands from scratch! We can also take care of programming and website enquiry forms etc.

As we have designed many Websites over the years, this experience means that we can truly offer the best advice to a company on any aspect of Internet design and programming. This can save your company time and money by consulting professionals right from the start!

Over the years, Web Marketing has designed successful Websites for a wide variety of businesses including Estate Agents, Haulage Companies, Accountants, Wedding Car and Coach Companies, Beauty Salons, Construction companies, Telecom companies, Music companies and many more!

We believe that every UK company has the right to exist on the internet and have a fair chance at gaining sales enquiries. We try to present companies in a professional manner with the respect they deserve!

So why not let us design your new Website or give your existing Website a fresh makeover, leaving you to look after your business!

Please get in touch we would love to help! Contact Us

Website Maintenance
As with most companies that have a Website, due to no fault of any individual, the site may be neglected and therefore information soon becomes out-dated.

Web-Help can communicate and collate information from a business on a regular basis and continually update the company Website with fresh content including News, Staff Changes, Product and Services information, Blogs etc.

This would mean that it would be more likely for visitors to return to a company's Website in the future and demonstrates they are dealing with a professional company!

Our Website maintenance and management services are backed up with many years of experience, qualified support and 1st class service levels!

With your help, we can quickly update your website and work together to see visable results!

Work can start from as little as 1 hour a month or we can work on your Website on an agreed daily or weekly basis! Please get in touch for a no obligation quote, as we would love to help! Contact Us

Most companies have important developments and news which could be beneficial to new and existing clients.

So how can companies communicate this information in the most effective way?

Web-Help can design and deploy effective eNewletter campaigns using your existing customer database. As we recommend that companies should comply with the anti-spam regulations, and use Opt-in Email addresses only, we are able to set up an email collection point from your website such as "Join our Mailing list!". This would help companies build important contact lists.

This allows new users to give their permission for you to email them with your eNewsletter.

A typical campaign would allow us to design an HTML eNewsletter with your help, including the news stories and relevant images to complement the publication.

After final approval from the client, we would then agree a send time and deploy the eNewsletter to all recipients.

Some advantages of sending an eNewsletter are that you keep in touch with clients on a regular basis, giving clients more chance of contacting your company for products or services. You can also create links within the eNewsletter to special offers, taking users directly to your Website with 1 click of their mouse.

Once again, companies receiving your informative eNewsletter demonstrates they are dealing with a professional company!

eNewsletters can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis! Please get in touch for a no obligation quote, as we would love to help! Contact Us